about HERMES

HERMES visual arts is an institution place where artistic thoughts and practice meet. Contemporary and independent, the space has 3 studios, an art residency and a classroom/exhibition room integrated with the garden. It is an artist-run organization.

This “common place” started when the importance of the ​​visual arts production space reached the organic nature of thought and practice, through theoretical debates, exhibitions, intensive projects, lectures and courses.

In 2011, HERMES opened its doors with the group exhibition Hermes (artists: Carla Chaim, Nino Cais, Renata de Bonis, Evandro Machado, Alexandre B., Manoel Veiga, Paulo Almeida, Marcia de Moraes, Fernanda Figueiredo and Eduardo Mattos). After, HERMES hosted the exhibition: Experimento #1 Um ponto não revelado numa ilustração botânica developed by artists of one of our regular classes: “Discussions on the artistic creation group” led by Nino Cais and Renata de Bonis.

In 2015, led by  Carla Chaim, Marcelo Amorim and Nino Cais we have two groups, about 40 artists who attend the space weekly in addition to the theoretical and practical courses that are part of our agenda. Artists such as Carla Chaim, Julia Kater and Laura Gorsky have studios here, also Nino Cais and Marcelo Amorim work with us guiding artists and exchanging experiences.

HERMES has in its official website, pages for all artists who attend our space  and often advertises their national and international exhibitions and projects.

Moreover, a regular exchange of ideas is maintained with other alternative art spaces in the region and abroad, constantly developing projects together. One of the projects is called “Projeto Mesmo Lugar”, done in partnership with “qualcasa” (http://qualcasa.art.br/) where once a month, one of Hermes’s artists make a solo exhibition: a space to reflect, test and show their latest production. We are going to our 16a. exhibition.

Also in 2015 we had the pleasure to make two group exhibitions (CONTRAPROVA VOL. I e II) in Paço das Artes – USP Museum (http://www.pacodasartes.org.br/sobre.aspx). All 36 artists had works there and we were celebrating 5 years of our space.

In our art residency, we aim to present to the foreigner artist the familiarity with São Paulo’s artistic network by putting them in touch with professionals such as teachers, other renowned artists, curators and art collectors, besides organising “artist talks” and exhibitions; providing support and tools to these information exchanges.

HERMES unrests to fill a “locus” of dialogues and ideas that we believe are being constantly built, and to make it available and accessible to all audiences. It is a place where knowledge and experience can be shared in different formats. In order to introduce and intensify art in people’s life, HERMES, in its own continuously search for culture and knowledge, is already well known for its theoretical and practical lectures, which greatly add to its students and artists. Presented with a casual and home like environment the Institution, besides regularly hosting classes (such as: “Photography History”, with the artists and curator: Denise Gadelha; “Digital Photography”, with the photographer: Ivan Padovani and “Discussions on the artistic production” led by the artist Nino Cais and Marcelo Amorim) it also has several particular solo or collective projects to encourage thoughts and the creative process itself.

Who are we_
director _ Carla Chaim (carlachaim.com e Galeria Raquel Arnaud)
special projects _Juliana Hage
partners _
Nino Cais (Galeria Casa Triângulo)
Marcelo Amorim (marceloamorim.art.brGaleria Zipper)
Casa Fonte
R. Hermes Fontes, 167 _ Pinheiros
São Paulo _ SP _ Brasil
e-mail: hermesartes@gmail.com
tel_ (011) 2506-8825




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